Some photos of my grandfather Karl Bier and his family

These could have been taken in or around Neutitschein (Novy Jicin), Zwittau (Svitavy), or Brno.

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(39K) Karl's Maternal grandparents (Albrecht)

(28K) Karl's maternal Grandmother Albrecht (married name)

(64K) Karl Bier's Great-great-grandfather

(31K) Karl Bier's maternal great-grandmother

(93K) Johann Bier, Karl Bier's father

(43K) Anna Bier, Karl's mother

(43K) an older photo of Anna Bier, with baby chicks around a bench

(49K) Family photo, Christmas 1916

(25K) Family Photo, Christmas 1928

(95K) The Bier kids (when there were six) with mom and dad and the maids.

(82K) The twins

(94K) A great photo of Karl and Mimi at age 4

(7K) Anni's family, 1933

(60K) Karl and Mimi Bier in the Garden

(29K) Unknown family photo with Karl, 1929

(82K) Fritz Bier's wedding

(40K) Karl Bier with his hair parted

(83K) A great photo of Karl all dressed up

(36K) Karl Bier, 1916

(74K) Karl Bier at Agricultural school, June, 1918

(74K) Karl Bier in a group, 1919

(64K) Karl Bier in a group (with guitar on right), 1919

(56K) Karl Bier in a school group, 1919

(79K) Karl Bier, 1920

(48K) Karl Bier in Shanghai, May 1922

(71K) Karl Bier in California, 1928. He would stand next to any great looking car as if he owned it, and have his photo taken.