Some photos of my Grandmother's family

As far as I know, these were all taken in and around Neutitschein (Novy Jicin)

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(33K) Anton and Helene Anders with Daughter Heli (Grandma's sister) in front of their garden house.

(110K) The Anders family home in Novy Jicin (year unknown).

(17K) The same home in 1963. It may still be there!

(19K) An Anders grave in 1931.

(85K) Anton Anders wedding photo

(37K) Emile Schubert (Marie's brother-in-law) and Marie Josefa Anders (my grandmother) during WWI

(39K) Heli and Marie Anders in their Kuhlandler costumes

(74K) Marie Anders, 1923

(47K) Wolfgang (Wolfie) on the Anders home veranda, 1924

(38K) Wolfgang in the garden, 1927

(44K) Family photo, 1929

(24K) Europe 1933, Heli and Marie with my uncle Charlie