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My grandfather (Karl Franz Bier) and Grandmother (Marie Josefa Anders) came to the United States in 1930. They grew up in and near the cities of Zwittau (now Svitavy), Brno, and Neutitschein (now Novy Jicin) in Moravia and the Sudetenland prior to WWII. These lands are now part of the Czech Republic.

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Old Family Photos

These are photos of my grandparents and their families.

Photos of the Anders Family

Photos of the Bier Family

Photos of my grandparents

Miscellaneous Photos

Photos of Zwittau

A personal account of the expulsion of the Germans from their homes

After the end of WWII, hundreds of thousands of German-speaking people were expelled from the Sudetenland. My grandparent's families were among them. In a letter to my grandmother, her sister Heli described the experience.

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Ships Programs from the Bremen and Europa

I have scanned the programs from two journeys my grandmother made by ship.
The first is from her passage to America on the ship Bremen (Dec 16, 1930), and the second is from her return passage on the Europa (Oct 21, 1933) after visiting her parents with my uncle, her first child. The program from the Bremen has some interesting photos of the ship including the cabins.

Program from the Bremen

Program from the Europa

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